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Charles Finch’s Quarterly Review Filmmakers Dinner

I’ve uploaded some new photos of Olga attending Finch’s Quarterly Review Filmmakers Dinner at the Cannes Film Festival earlier today. Looking gorgeous in a chic black and white ensemble, she was pictured with actresses Naomie Harris, Noomi Rapace and Robin Wright Penn.

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Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Talks ‘Oblivion’

OCEANDRIVE.COM – A pivotal moment in The Ring Finger, French director Diane Bertrand’s moody 2005 film about a young woman who becomes an object of possession, involves Iris—the girl in question, played by Olga Kurylenko—accepting a gift. Her beguiling employer bridles her feet with two crimson pumps, binding their leather straps around her ankles as she marvels at how perfectly they fit her. She must always wear them, he says, even when he’s not watching.

Few people in the US have viewed this film, let alone heard of it, with the exception of perhaps Miami Beach Cinematheque members and other art-cinema aficionados. Yet it remains Kurylenko’s fondest movie role. As the Ukrainian-born model-turned-actress describes the legitimacy she feels the abstruse production gave to her early career, her voice trembles. “When I did The Ring Finger, I wanted to do theater,” she tells Ocean Drive. “I didn’t think, Oh, I’m going to play a pretty girl and walk around,” she says. “I played a very normal and simple peasant girl, and I was nothing like a Bond girl—nothing sexy at all.”

Less than a decade in the film industry, Kurylenko, 33, is preparing for her biggest year as an actress. A week after our interview, she embarked on a global promotional tour with costar Tom Cruise for Oblivion, the $120 million post-apocalyptic epic that opened on April 19—just a week after the debut of another project, To the Wonder, an esoteric drama directed by Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life) and costarring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams. And the second season of Magic City, the Starz series created by Mitch Glazer (The Recruit, Lost in Translation) in which she plays an empowered socialite in 1959 Miami Beach, is in post-production, set to hit TV screens June 14.

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Ocean Drive Magazine Scans

I have uploaded some new scans of Olga’s gorgeous feature in the latest issue of Ocean Drive to the gallery. Unfortunately it’s not a new photoshoot, rather a reprint of her InStyle shoot from last year. However, it does feature a lovely new interview with her, so be sure to take a look!

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USA Weekend: Catching Up With Olga Kurylenko

USAWEEKEND.COM – The Magic City star, who debuted as a Bond girl in 2008’s Quantum of Solace, plays a CIA agent in Erased, opening May 10. Not bad for a woman who grew up in a tiny apartment in Berdyansk, Ukraine.

Discovered by a modeling agent in Moscow at age 13, she is still awed by her good fortune. “It was a wonderful, unreal moment, a miracle,” she says. “Since then I’ve worked hard and tried to help the miracle. If you just sit on your couch and wait, you might miss a lot of opportunities. You have got to meet your luck halfway.”

Kurylenko has yet to settle on her dream role. “There are so many possibilities,” she says. “I want to explore as much as possible. It’s about finding something that touches me. ‘Erased’ was hard because the character is tough, and tough is something I’m not. I’m just a human being with problems and worries.”

Kurylenko, 33, is active with the international charity Hope & Homes for Children. “Their goal is to put kids that are in orphanages in foster homes.”