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Relaunch of Olga Kurylenko Source

Hello everyone and welcome back! As most regular visitors of the site will know, things fell into a bit of a mess of late. The site went without updates for a year and I had mainly lost motivation to keep things going, and went back and forth several times about whether or not to keep the site online. I decided against closing it, and figured I should try to breathe some new life into it instead.

A large chunk of the site has been rebuilt, including our photo and press archives – which will hopefully allow for an improved browsing experience and also keeps things more organized on my end. Our career pages are also finally off the ground, and although I still have more to add in the way of site content, I am glad to finally be able to provide something I initially promised back when the site opened.

There’s still a whole lot for me to do, and you’ll see many new updates in the coming weeks – including screen captures from many of Olga’s more recent projects as well as a couple of unseen photoshoots. If you find any errors while browsing the new version, please do let me know so I can rectify them. I’d also like to thank Carol at Sin21 for her beautiful header design, and to Monica of MonicaNDesign for her coding expertize and support. And, a big thank you to our visitors for sticking with us.

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